Play the latest and best premium games on any device, anywhere and anytime. Enjoy!

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  • Cross platform solution

    As a member you can login on our game portal on any device. Whether this is a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop. With only one login you have the ability to use the PLAY-MANIAX portal anywhere and anytime.

  • Award Winning

    Some of our premium games have won multiple awards! We only choose the best games available on the world wide web.

  • Next level Gaming

    Here at PLAY-MANIAX, we want only the best for our members, therefore we offer next level gaming solutions. We work with the best technology to keep our games running smoothly and to keep our users happy.

Instant play

Since our premium games run on HTML5 you don’t have to install them and you can play instantly on any device.

No advertising

While playing our premium games, you will not be interrupted by any sort of advertisement. This way you can enjoy our games at their best.

Frequent Updates

We don’t like to stand still, that’s why we keep our game portal updated frequently so you can enjoy the best en latest games anytime and anywhere.

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Some of our Amazing Games

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start playing?

To use our service you need to register by signing up through the landing page: Once signed up you’ll get full access to our portal.

What games can I play?

We have a wide selection of premium games, we only get you thelatest and best games on the web and even have award winning games for you to play.

How many games can I play?

You can play as many games as possible. Once you’re a member of PLAY-MANIAX you can play all games unlimited.

On what devices can I play?

You can play our games on any device. The games are compatible with smartphones, tablets and laptops with touch screen.

Can I use my account on multiple devices?

Yes sure! Once you created an account you can login on any device and play our games

Can I download the games to my phone?

Our games are web-based, meaning you don’t need download them. You can play the games directly in your browser. Easy to use and easy to play.

Can I play on the go?

With PLAY-MANIAX you’re always ready to go. Once you create an account you can use our portal whenever and wherever you go.

Is my phone compatible?

If you have a smartphone it will definitely work. Otherwise you can use it on your tablet or laptop.

How can I unsubscribe immediately?

To immediately stop the subscription the in the words STOP MANIAX to the 5 digit short code (60082) from which you are receiving messages. You should receive a confirmation message that you arte unsubscribed. You will no longer then receive any messages. Only one daily message that has already been delivered to the carrier could still arrive after opting out of the service.


Phone: 0800 1512 392